We’re getting greener!

The dream of the paperless office has never quite worked, but we have cut down on paper use hugely in the past few years.

We have reduced our paper use by nearly 70%! That takes a big chunk out of our environmental footprint.

How are we doing it?

We have moved to electronic storage of customer files. Instead of printing and photocopying paper documents:

  • We scan our customers’ tax documents and save them on our server
  • We save electronic copies of tax returns

Your information is more secure than ever!

Because the files are electronic, we can now back up all files automatically. We store multiple copies on our server. We have a locked server case, password protection, a monitored alarm system, and layers of protection from hacking. Once a day we back up our entire server on offsite encrypted storage.

With paper files, one of our greatest fears was a fire. No more. Even the worst fire on our premises cannot touch your stored electronic documents. Information left with us has never been more secure.

What difference will it make to you at tax time?

When you come to visit us, you won’t lose any time while we get up to go look for a file. Your files are accessible through our computers, and will never be mislaid, or misfiled, or sitting on the wrong person’s desk.

You can help us cut down on paper too. This year for personal income tax, we will ask you if you want a full copy of your return, or a one page summary of your return.

What comes next?

We have made a significant investment in our computer systems to allow us to have the full benefit of electronic storage for customer information.

Now we are moving all our files over. We may not be paperless, but we certainly use less paper!

Part of your business… part of your team…